Winemaking is an art, and chardonnay is the perfect blank canvas. This versatile grape might have originated in France, but it adapts readily to other locales. Chardonnay richly reflects its terroir, allowing it to express the flavors of its home. As winemakers, our art is to capture both the complexity of those flavors as well as the complexities of each unique vintage. Bring the SLO Coast to your home with Oceano’s Chardonnay wine.

West Coast Chardonnay Wines

The West Coast is hugged by the Pacific Ocean, and this relationship influences the quality and flavors in our wines. While people tend to think of the tropics when they hear “Pacific”, our home is where the cold waters from the Gulf of Alaska descend. This helps create a superior climate for growing grapes. Our vines love our climate just as much as humans do. No one likes to overheat, not even vines! Cooler temps mean our grapes can grow without any stress from too much heat or drought. The chill of the Pacific Ocean provides our vineyards with cooler temperatures in the evening, and a blanket of fog to protect them from the harsh morning sun. Happy vines lead to superior wines.

SLO Coast

Not all West Coast vineyards are the same, however. While we all enjoy pleasant growing conditions, our precise location on the coast influences our terroir. The San Luis Obispo (SLO) winegrowing region is a hidden gem on the West Coast. While so many automatically think “Napa” when talking about California wines, most wine critics view San Luis Obispo as the home to universally high quality wines. SLO coast is the coolest of the California wine growing areas. The influence of the ocean on our particular climate allows us to have a long growing season, which in turn lets our Chardonnay achieve peak ripeness. The result is a delightful burst of flavor in every bottle we produce, without compromising freshness.

Oceano Chardonnay

We specialize in Chardonnay, made with grapes nurtured and grown in one vineyard site. Spanish Springs is the closest vineyard to the ocean in California. Our limited production Chardonnays are vegan and crafted with an artist’s approach by our winemaker Marbue Marke. In contrast to oaky and buttery Chardonnays, ours has a crisp, refreshing coastal sensibility. Subtle fruitiness is a term often used to describe Oceano Chardonnay. The taste is fresh, balanced, and layered, with a distinct citrus zest to it.

If you thought you didn’t like California Chardonnays, ours will change your mind. Challenge your perception and your palate with one of our wines. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

What Others Are Saying

Oceano Chardonnay wines are artfully sculpted to capture and maintain the exceptional natural acidity in the fruit from Spanish Springs Vineyard. Read what several professional wine critics have to say:

The Washington Post

Oceano Chardonnay Spanish Springs Vineyard 2016/2017

“Oceano was created three years ago by Rachel Martin, formerly the director of Boxwood Vineyards in Middleburg, Va., and her husband, Grammy Award-winning music producer Kurt Deutsch. I raved about the 2016 when it was released, and I’m just as enthusiastic about the 2017, which is now reaching the Washington-area market (it is already available in New York City.) Martin and winemaker Marbue Marke enjoy tinkering with the blend from this vineyard just 1.5 miles from the Pacific, near Pismo Beach, mixing different batches of juice from various spots on the undulating coastal hills. The result is a roller coaster in a glass — there’s a lot going on here. Can a $38 wine be a “great value”? Yes, when it’s this good. This is a fun label to keep track of in years to come.

Food & Wine

2017 Oceano Chardonnay

“This ultra-zesty white comes from vineyards practically a stone’s throw (albeit over a small mountain range) from the Pacific in San Luis Obispo County. Its exotic aroma—citrus blossoms and thyme—and seashell-mineral finish are distinctive and irresistible.”

Wine Library

2017 Oceano Chardonnay Spanish Springs Vineyard

chardonnay wine feature image

“This absolutely gorgeous Chardonnay shows a crisp & creamy profile, with lively tropical fruit alongside lemon, soft vanilla & well-chosen oak spice notes. These elements are integrated with layered complexity & finish together with power that’s impactful without being heavy.”

Wine Enthusiast

Oceano 2016 Chardonnay

“Lime pith and sharp apple aromas show on the nose of this bottling from the extremely coastal Spanish Springs Vineyard, and there is a touch of a vinous quality as well. Ripe pear flavors show on the tip of the sip, where acidic energy cuts through the somewhat sweet characteristics of the midpalate.”


Oceano, Spanish Springs Vineyard, Chardonnay, 2018

“Lithe and vibrant from start to finish. A fragrant jasmine nose laced with key lime and ripe peach sets up for an exotic mid-palate of green apple, quince, ripe guava, and kaffir lime. The finish is remarkably long with hints of pulverized oyster shell, stones, and sea spray. This is one of the most impressive California Chardonnays we have had in a while. Kudos to Rachel Martin! ”What are you waiting for? Delight your taste buds and your guests with one of our outstanding Oceano Chardonnay wines.