If you thought all wines were vegan, then think again! You might be surprised to learn what some of our competitors put in their products. Rest assured that Oceano Wines are certified vegan. We underwent a rigorous examination process so that you can pour a glass responsibly and ethically. We’ve even cooked up some scrumptious vegan meals to pair with our vegan wines.

Not All Wines Are Vegan

Wine is so much more than “just grapes”. Crafting wine is an art form that vintners spend years developing, and it is understandable that they do not wish to disclose their ingredients and processes. Unfortunately, this also means that non-vegan processes are not always disclosed. Many are stunned to learn that animal based products, such as insect-based dyes, bone char, and fish bladder, may be used in the wine making process. The glue that holds the label to the bottle might be an animal-based product. There is only one way to be 100% certain the wine you are drinking is truly vegan: BeVeg certification.

BeVeg Certification: Guaranteed Vegan

BeVeg is the global leader in vegan certification. BeVeg is the only organization that is ISO accredited as a published vegan standard. While others may throw the term “vegan” around, if you don’t see the BeVeg Certification then you can’t be sure it is. BeVeg is their vegan alcohol certification program. The BeVeg certification on the bottle assures you that the wine has been analyzed from the ground to the bottling process to ensure that animals are not used in any way at all.

Oceano Wines Commitment

“We value the BeVeg vegan alcohol certification because we feel that it is important for people to know if animals are used in any way to produce the products that they consume. Since wine is made from grapes, people assume that animals have not been part of the process of grape growing or winemaking, which in some cases is not true.”

At Oceano, we want our focus to be on the fruit. We never use animal byproducts. Our vineyards are fertilized with green compost, and we only work with vegan suppliers. Our wine is safe and certified by BeVeg to be vegan compliant.

Exquisite Vegan Wine Pairings

Raise a glass of Oceano’s certified vegan wine to any of these mouthwatering meals. Here are a few of our favorite vegan food and wine pairings. Why not take some of these suggestions and host a vegan wine tasting like Martha Stewart did?

Vegan Cauliflower Tikka Masala With Oceano Pinot Noir 2019

The bright flavors in our Oceano Pinot Noir 2019 are the perfect match for the flavorful spices in this 100% vegan dish. Create a slightly spicy tikka masala using cauliflower as the central ingredient. The perfect blend of tomato sauce and Indian spices give this dish just the right amount of heat. Balance the meal with the bold pomegranate, cranberry, and blueberry flavors of Oceano Pinot Noir 2019 for a completely vegan meal.

Napa Cabbage Vegan Pad Thai With Oceano Chardonnay 2019

A rule of thumb when creating food and wine pairings is that “what grows together goes together”. With this fun and flavorful dish, Napa cabbage and limes mingle with the flavors of our locally grown wine. Oceano Chardonnay 2019 is a high acid wine with lots of delightful citrus flavors. The bright flavors pair nicely with the tangy rice vinegar and soy sauce in this vegan Pad Thai dish. The wine’s full body and the silky tofu in this combination are a match made in culinary heaven.

Vegan Pumpkin Pasta Sauce with Wild Mushrooms

Pasta and wine are always a winning combination. Instead of an overly sweet red sauce, this savory dish uses root vegetables to create a satisfying dish. Pair this dish with our full-bodied 2019 Oceano Chardonnay for a delightful event meal or everyday dining.

Vegan Mediterranean Ravioli

The brightness of Oceano Pinot Noir pairs very well with the fresh flavors in this vegan ravioli dish. The vegan pasta dough is filled with homemade tofu ricotta, olives, sun dried tomatoes, and artichokes. These Mediterranean flavors match nicely with our wine, and the smooth wild berry aroma is a delightful complement to the creamy tofu ricotta filling.

Enjoy your next vegan meal with peace of mind. Oceano Wines BeVeg’s certification is proof of our commitment to delivering a wine free of animal byproducts. Our unique wines bring elegance, balance, and veganism to your meals.