Women’s History Month is coming to a close, so it may seem strange to be posting about it now. But I deliberately wanted to post about it at the end of the month because I think it’s so important to keep celebrating and supporting women year round, not just in March.

One of the things I pride myself on is Oceano’s support of women – especially women in need. And one of my goals is to empower and support women who are pursuing their own dreams and building their own futures.

Oceano is proud to support women- and minority-owned businesses through the production of our wine – 70% of every dollar spent making our wines goes to these businesses.

In addition, here are some of the organizations I love for how they help women and girls around the country and the world.

Suited for Change

Suited for Change provides women in need with a network of support, professional attire, coaching, and skills training to help them thrive while they build their careers. 


EnrichHER makes financial resources accessible for diverse-led businesses that will strengthen their local economies, create inclusive job growth, positively impact their society, mend the wealth gap, and allow them to better serve their audience’s unique needs. They also make investment opportunities accessible to people from a larger range of hopeful investors than most companies do.

Les Dames d’Escoffier International

I’m incredibly proud to be a member of this philanthropic organization of women leaders in the food, beverage and hospitality industries. Our membership reflects the fields of contemporary gastronomy and hospitality and we are able to support our communities through grants, scholarships and mentorship.

Women of the Vines & Spirits

Women of the Vine & Spirits (WOTVS) is a global organization with a membership dedicated to pushing the wine, beer and spirits industry toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive era that supports business development and innovation, empowering all to thrive.

Diverse Powered Brands

I’m very excited to be part of this new initiative (officially launched this month) to create a centralized marketplace connecting diverse-owned, diverse-led and diverse-made brands to buyers, wholesalers, importers, and suppliers across the entire hospitality industry. 

Founded by Deborah Brenner (who also founded WOTVS), Diverse Powered Brands was created as a solution to help diverse suppliers to share their brand stories and control their marketing. Oceano Wines is part of the initiative and is listed in the marketplace. 

Janie’s Fund

Janie’s Fund is dedicated to providing support for girls to escape neglect, heal trauma, and bring awareness to the issue of abuse in order to minimize it. 

The 10th House

A membership community within the Female Founder Collective for female founders to connect and get educated to grow and scale their businesses.