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One of our favorite winter getaways is Isla Holbox, an off-the-beaten-path island near the coast of Mexico. This magical escape is packed with personality and vibrance, just like our wines. There’s no place like Isla Holbox. If you have a passion for the coast and the road less traveled as we do, you’ll love this place.

This magical island retreat is a sandbar where no cars are allowed. In spite of this, it’s relatively easy to access Isla Holbox. We fly into Cancun and then take a two-hour shuttle to Chiquila for the ferry to the island. It’s a very short ferry ride (approximately 15 minutes) to get to Isla Holbox. We always stay at the same place, Casa Las Tortugas. There are a variety of hotels and other accommodations for island stay, so you can make the arrangements that suit your plans.

Our Favorite Experiences


Imagine watching a massive whale shark glide by in its natural environment. Isla Holbox offers many opportunities to enjoy majestic creatures in undeveloped, natural settings. Flamingoes, white ibis, snowy egrets, and other beautiful wildlife are found in abundance.

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Outdoor Activities

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Kiteboarding is a popular activity for island visitors. We love to rent bikes and explore the town. Since there are no cars, bikes are a great way to get around and enjoy everything Isla Holbox has to offer. To get a view of the island from the water, book a catamaran tour. Don’t forget to bring your favorite Oceano Wine with you!

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Mezcal Tastings

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We love to indulge in Mezcal tastings while on the island. We treated ourselves to a tasting at Roots Pizza y Mezcaleria. Their Mezcal bar is second to none! The Mezcal specialist who conducted our tasting is Anndy Pool. Local experts are passionate about Mezcal and can share an informative presentation about each sample. Learn how long it was aged, what types of plants were used in the process, and more. It’s a cultural treat that shouldn’t be missed.

Street Art

The personality of the island is on display with abundant street art. Brightly colored murals and beautiful monuments give Isla Holbox a unique look and vibe. Make time to simply wander through town to discover and enjoy the local art. Maybe even give in to the temptation to buy some local art to take home with you!

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Culinary Treats

Food options abound on Isla Holbox, and we have our favorites! In the picture I’m enjoying amazing local fish sashimi at AMA, a sushi bar that is one of 3 restaurants owned by Casa Las Tortugas. Dive into the delectable lobster pizza at Roots (where we did our Mezcal tasting!) Take a break from the surf with lunch at one of the many restaurants on the beach, like Restaurante La Playa De Ñaña. You must try the wood-fired whole fish at LUUMA. While you’re there, be sure to check out their boutique which supports Mexican artists. Another favorite is Restaurante Milpa for an unforgettable dining experience! Indulge in gastronomic molecular cuisine, and check out their vegan menu, too!

Are you ready to book your visit to Isla Holbox? We are! Maybe we’ll catch you on one of our future voyages. Until then, keep up with our favorite travel tips and latest updates when you subscribe to our newsletter. Cheers!