Steering In A New Direction

There are more interesting wines available now than at any other time in history! So why do you see the same labels on wine store shelves and restaurant wine lists? The standard three-tier distribution system for wine favors large corporate distributors and relies on cheaply mass-produced wine and fossil fuels. You deserve access to a range of unique, high-quality wines that give back to the Earth and make the world a better place, and we’ve got just that! This inspired our plan to bring our unique wines right to your event in an exciting new way. We’re excited to deliver the California coast to you in our Vintage Volkswagen Bus Mobile Tasting Room!

Take The Ride With Us

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Starting Our Engine Fall 2022

We are raising money to go against the norm of how it’s always been done and create an innovative, new solution to the environmental issues that come from the standard three-tier distribution system by bringing our wines directly to you. Our stylish solution is a restored, reimagined vintage VW bus we will use as a mobile tasting room, event prop, and customer reward opportunity. The show-stopping wine bus is being refitted by Karpatia, Oceano-branded by Designer Cristina Ruales, and will pull right up to your home, business, or event and serve as a unique focal point for your one-of-a-kind celebration. Whether you are hosting 50 people, 250 people, or some number in between, the Oceano Wines bus will provide delicious wine to your guests. We can bring our coastal wines to you in an unforgettable way and deliver directly to you to save you money by avoiding price markups from other distributors and retailers.

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Standard Three-Tier Distribution SystemOceano Wines’ VW Bus
Only benefits the wallets of large corporate distributorsBenefits you, the Earth, our small women-owned business, and the minority-owned businesses that Oceano supports
Limits you to a small selection of cheaply mass-produced wines
Damages the environment through excessive reliance on fossil fuels and electricity use in storage warehouses and retail outlets
Price markups from middlemen like distributors and retailers
Gives you access to more high quality, finely crafted wines that just taste better
Significantly reduces our carbon footprint to help keep our planet clean
Delivered directly to you, saving you money by avoiding fees from middlemen

A Green Machine

Oceano is committed to making distinctive wines responsibly and promoting diversity and inclusivity in the wine-production space. 60 cents of every dollar spent producing Oceano wines goes to support women and minority-owned businesses. Our refreshing, lower alcohol, fruit-forward Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are vegan and certified sustainable, grown in the SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certified, Spanish Springs Vineyard where irrigation comes from a natural aquifer. Oceano’s production facility uses reclaimed water and solar power, which has resulted in 100 times less CO2 released into the atmosphere yearly. Direct-to-consumer distribution reduces the number of hands-on each bottle as it makes its way to you and reduces our carbon footprint even more. We are hoping to reach 80% direct distribution with our Volkswagen bus mobile tasting room and be an example for similar-minded, niche producers. But we need your help!

Check out the amazing prizes and contribute to the cause!

Hop On Board!

Your valued donations will make our mobile tasting room a reality so that we can connect with wine lovers across the country and give you more interesting wine options in a unique and exciting new way! Not to mention, it will reduce pollution by cutting out the middleman and help us continue to support women and minority-owned businesses.

By donating, you also have the chance to redeem some amazing prizes, such as personalized social media shoutouts, a winemaker salon dinner, Lunch at Bergdorf’s, custom-designed wine labels, blending or harvesting experiences, lifetime wine subscriptions, a 250 guest party featuring the Volkswagen bus mobile tasting room, and more! You can even be the key sponsor and contribute to the design process and creation of the wine bus!

Stay tuned on social media for updates and contact Rachel to donate!

Thank you so much for your support on this journey to make the world a better place with better wine! We can’t wait to bring the coast to you in our VW bus mobile tasting room.

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The sketch of a car